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  1. Hank Waters

    LOL. It’s funny to see how after 2 1/2 years
    – gitmo is still open
    – secret prisons are open
    – We have no relations with Iran
    – Climate change is a joke and a way for more government control over the population
    – We still have soldiers being shot at in Iraq
    – We haven’t better relations with Russia, we’re a joke to the world
    – The core component of U.S. foreign policy should be ‘America first’ not ‘women’
    – “improved relations with the islamic world”???? Who are you trying to kid?
    – obama’s idea of limiting nuclear proliferation is for the U.S. to disarm unilaterally while nobody else do anything (Iran is still working on nuke development).
    – How many of our enemies have he met with and actually accomplished anything positive?

    • Me

      I totaly agree and I am 12. We do not see troops from other countries stationed in our country shooting at us and it’s ok for us to do that? Were not making anything better were just making more enemies.Who should we vote for? Barack Obama, Mit Romney? NEITHER!!!
      We the people, should vote for Ron Paul. Who doesn’t belive in war and will fix this country. Who won’t sit around like a couch potato eating cheetos while people suffer.Yet again people I am 12, it’s time to WAKE UP and do what’s right. This is all very stupid, I came on here looking for a good thing about this country for my founding fathers essay. We have to wright what we would say to the founding fathers and guess what it has to be…..POSITIVE! (not possible) I guess ill just fail. Now I’m angry congrats!

    • neonblack23

      gas. prices. the only actual issue that is evident and relevant to all citizens.

  2. lama21

    well, i don’t know about everyone else, but i really love our commander in chief. he’s genuine, hard working, honest, and a true leader. it’s ok if he’s not cuddly loved by everyone for every minute he’s in office.

    we all know he is trying and trying and trying and trying to do the right thing.

    those Grand Old Party jerks are self-centered, outdated, and not really in love with this country. they are in love with selfish, white privileged class who really want nothing but to sit pretty without getting taxed. obama from the get-go has been right all along – not his fault the republicans are in gridlock on so many things, not wanting to play with everyone else (holding tightly onto the security of greed while hiding behind ‘jesus’==gimmee a break).

    john, i think obama is doing so great for the mess he inherited. and i want him to be president forever. he’s gonna get reelected.

    and even if i wanted obama to stay president forever, he has the courage (actually – he doesn’t even need that) – he has the natural personality to say, ‘no thank you because those are not the rules – someone else must run for office and i must step down’.

    it’s called integrity and vision. too bad the gop candidates have very little of either one of those things.

    well, i’m not smart. i’m mentally an ‘occupier’ in thinking. i support barack obama forever.

    help me out john – are my old instincts correct? my wife loves him, too.

    • Charles

      This has been the best that I have read about our Commander in Chief in all of the postings I have read. This post will only be read by a few but it will still carry the message. The President ask for UNITY from all parties from day one. He has been called all types of things in the public, and called a lier.

  3. lama21

    PS–i think people who say negative things about him on this here post say it because they have deep, south racist issues in them they can’t shake. these same mean-spirit monster-hole-in-their-empty-hearts make comments that they never researched to make a claim.

    but i still think they are just plain racist and still can’t stand that a black man is president.

    when u get down to it – maybe that’s why people say mean things.

    also, i don’t see these same douche lords (paulsur, for example) running for any president him/herself. (Laughing out loud!). they just like to say mean stuff on blogs from around the world because they hate black people, which is really a sign of how despicable they feel about themselves…

    don’t you think that’s right, mr. john?

    • Me

      Hey you adults! Learn to type!
      UMMM AH ……NO were not all racist, we just dont like his methods as president.
      Don’t just make assumptions because we don’t agree with you.You do not know us.
      By the way I’m 12.
      Now you know!
      Thank you very much!

  4. bob

    Wake up liberal morons. None of your facts are true. Obama is the worst president we have had. Since he’s been in office he’s ruined the economy, dropped our rating to AA, increased unemployment, spent 5 trillion dollars and accomplished nothing. Seriously read some history and do some research instead of listening to liberal propaganda and believing every word.

  5. bob: Are we talking about the same president? The one named “Barack”, rather than the one named “George”…? Because it seems to me that most of what you’re complaining about happened in the prior administration and President Obama is dealing with the fallout. We can debate how well he’s dealing with the fallout, but I don’t think you can put any of this at his feet.

  6. lama21: I think it can be difficult to criticize a president of color without being branded a racist (correctly or incorrectly) and I welcome debates about policy and facts (rather than ad hominem attacks or mere assertions).

    That said, I recently had a discussion with a friend about how little we hear about assassination attempts and how we’re almost certain that they’re being under-reported, lest those who simply can’t stand the thought of a black man as president be emboldened by the attempts of like-minded individuals. (We agreed that the same would be the case if we had a female president, though perhaps not to the same degree.)

  7. John: More than two years on, I’d be interested in hearing a follow-up to your positions here. I’ve personally been disappointed with his position on torture, indefinite detention, &c.

  8. MDL

    Ladies and gentlemen. it has been a good 50 yrs since we have had an even semi-honest president and or politician. These blogs are representative of what our smike in mirrors government wants us to do…fight with one another. Even the most practical empirically proven theory is just that…a theory….Therefore there is nothing that does not represent an opinion…in other words arguing politics is like debating on which rap artist is the king…you can’t…it’s opinion… One thing that Barak Obama said that actually came from his heart….I think….is when he stated, and I paraphrase, the American people are relying far too much upon the government to make things happen. When is there going to come a time where we place more importance on comradery than we do on proving a point….pathetic!!!

    What we actually need, besides another group of game show hosts to turn us against one another, are political mediatory groups that can get most if not ALL Americans to agree on at least the most pertinent concepts. Thus forcing the goverment and politicians to be more on their ACTUAL Ps and Qs as opposed to the onslaught of …well… creative rhetoric werecieve every four years, backed by millions of wasted dollars on what they choose to call “campaigns.”

  9. alex190

    f u are unhappy with obama’s performance look who put Obama there in the first place …WE DID if you are gonna blame anyone , blame yourselves

    • Me

      Do not say bad words online.
      Even in the form of just a letter.
      Not a good example for youths, like me.
      (P.S. I’m 12)

  10. Big D

    My question is why would a US leader want to make it legal for Non US people to vote on US issues? Is that Maybe so that person can get more votes?

  11. Hi, Me, welcome to Mind on Fire. I’m curious about your reasons for supporting Ron Paul (and impressed by your depth of passion for political issues!). I’d also be interested in reading your Founding Fathers essay—positive or negative (it’s too bad that your teacher demands a particular viewpoint: if it’s supported by cogent arguments, any viewpoint should be appropriate, but I don’t know the specifics).

  12. Julie Hanley

    It is a fact that Mr. Obama is the worst president since Richard Nixon and should resign becasue people are afraid to impeach him, which he needs to be impeached. So I have responded to the 8 bullets the first skeewed person made. Forget Clinton, he was impeached, but wouldn’t leave, and he isn’t president anymore, so his opinion means nothing. WAKE UP STUPID PEOPLE, if you didn’t like America, move

    1. Announced Unequivocal End to Torture, Ordered the Closing of Guantanamo and the Closing of Secret Prisons.
    “Guantanamo is still open and should be” wake up, the world doesn’t like us anymore with him in office, they are afraid of him. None for the price of none.

    2. Improved Relations with Iran.
    “LOL, OMG” do you really believe what you write??

    3. Improved U.S. Policy on Climate Change.
    “Global climate change is a farse – a way for the EPA and federal government to control more aspects of everyone lives”

    4. Set a Timetable for Exiting Iraq.
    “woo hoo the timetable was set already, do your homework” What about Afganistan?

    5. Improved Relations with Russia.
    “LOL OMG” did you hear Putan talk?????? North Korea thinks he is a joke.

    6. Made the Rights of Women around the World a Core Component of U.S. Foreign Policy:
    “wants to control people with abortion” but wants everyone to pay for it.

    7. Improved Relations with the Islamic World.

    “He is a muslim or muslim sympathizer, they don’t respect ass kissers”
    “Bush didn’t invade, and what about Bengazi????? and Seria, he is a muslim or muslim sympathizer”

    8. Made Progress towards Greater Cooperation on Limiting Nuclear Proliferation.
    “He is just making America weaker and more vulnerable while Iran, China and Russia laugh to his face and behind his back – what did Putan just say??????

    e). Guantanimo is still open and should be.

  13. Carmen

    There has never been a president in US history who has deliberately tried to divide the American people. With all his poor management of the government, and behavior reminiscent of a petulant child, even Jimmy Carter didn’t sink this low. He shares his parents dislike of Americans and ridicules our values. Our experience isn’t his experience. But what can we expect when his own white grandfather, Stanley Dunham (a CPUSA member) was a suspected saboteur during WWII taking orders from his old Uncle Joe Stalin against the US government and our military. Obama views all Americans (with the exception of others who view America as an evil place), even black Americans, as the enemy. Too bad so many are blind to this fact.

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