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  1. @100: You should hang out with more ex-Mormons and find out how they really live their life rather than assuming that you know.

    Except then she might want to become one! 😉

  2. Paul

    To Kitty #99: A wonderful entry and I appreciate the sincere fervor of your convictions. Please note, however, that the “Mormon” church does not suit every one *all the time*. Circumstances change in the lives of individuals, and other things “move along.” Everything is in flux; nothing stays the same — even for you. Sure, right now you have your prestigious husband, your temple nights, your friends, your “everything in a neat box” FOR NOW. But when the “cucca hits the fan” and your “church” is not there for you, then that begs the question: What is the utility of your church if it only works during fair weather times, AND only if you have been accepted into the group even when the weather isn’t so great.

    Leaving the LDS church isn’t giving up your soul to Satan. Leaving the LDS church isn’t leaving your sense of and for religion. For many people (not all, of course) it appears that J.S. (a charismatic genius to say the least) invented and pieced together a religion that evolved over time and every individual can do likewise (to their own limits and capabilities). Take the time to study even the very history of Christianity, let alone the “Mormon” church and you will learn that there have been (and always will be) questions, and surprising facts that will make you “wonder.” Still, though, you retain your sense of “spirituality,” your sense of awe for the universe that we live in, your sense that there is a “God” and he/she/it is, or at least should be the recipient of gratitude. I could go on, but I’ve said enough. I am happy FOR YOU. I hope that you will always remain happy and content in the LDS church. It seems to work for you NOW, and that’s very good FOR YOU and yours. Peace (I have more of it now than I ever did before.)

  3. wayfarer

    I’m not sure what happened to my earlier comment.
    Please don’t be afraid,John.You and your family are in a process,and I’m sure with good will you will find a way to consecrate these afflictions to the good of the soul of your family.I guess you may need privacy to do that.
    Being a sharer of experiences myself,I have started to learn that some things need to treated as sacred to my soul.I have an image of you and yours embraced in god’s love.

    This may be the time to let the destroying angel logo go.

  4. Thanks for sharing your excommunication story. Remember always that you were excommunicated for telling the truth about the church, not for lying about it. Best wishes in your journey.

  5. Ringwielder

    As an Ex Jehovah’s Witness who left after 40 years, I find the language and the experiences here almost the same as that of Ex JWs.

    To those who are still ‘in’, there is no way you can have left the faith for any other reason than a selfish one. JWs have it inculcated into them that to be an apostate is the epitome of evil.

    The reason why many Ex JWs are rightly bitter is because of the shunning, the cutting off from family and friends. They have to create a whole new life and friends and this can be very difficult in the beginning.

    I understand your desire to document your experiences and go to this ‘judicial’ meeting. Otherwise I would be advising you to refuse because in going you still acknowledge they have authority over you. These kangaroo courts where imperfect men decide your future for you are a bogus apparatus, designed for control purposes. They give unqualified men power and they love it, playing God.

    I wish you all the best in your journey in life John and am happy you get to live most of it the way you want to, not the way some other human tells you you should.


  6. Alli Easley

    Jon. Jana. I have been searching for words to say about this whole thing and I can’t find them. I wanted you to know that my love and support for you (being on THIS side still…) is here. You’re brave. You’re strong. You’re loved. The internet is a really scary place right now for those of us who want to speak our minds, for those of us who are “Thinking Mormons” (to borrow the phrase from 2think.org) and you’re yet another proof of this. I hate riding the fence, but the fear of what’s happened to you because you were HONEST…well…that makes it even scarier. Keep on rockin…

  7. Alli Easley

    Um, I just woke up and realized I spelled your name wrong, John. I guess having 5 cousins/uncles who spell it with no “H” influenced my already sleepy mind. Forgive me!

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