Spark: Video of LDS Security Taking Down Gay Couple.

The video doesn’t starts with the security guards and the gay couple getting acquainted. There’s only so much you can get out of a video like this, but to my eye it seems to confirm Aune and Jones’ version of the incident. The couple is not a threat; they remain seated until the takedown; they are outnumbered (and outweighed!). The body language of the guards is telling as well.


  1. I was disgusted watching this (a few days ag0). The violence they security guards use was incredibly unnecessary. As of now, the police report, original statements of the security guards to police, this video and the statements of the victims are all pretty much in accordance, in opposition to the church’s statements a week after the incident.

    More and more evidence that the church outright lied/fabricated their story to make themselves seem the victim (yet again) in the fight against those evil homosexuals who are forcing their nasty lifestyle on good, good-fearing family men.


    It just boggles my mind that a church whose self-image is so incredibly righteous can be so fantastically hypocritical regarding its own beliefs about morality and telling the truth. How do they justify it to themselves? Do they even realise that they’re taking hypocrisy to a whole new level?

    What make me even more frustrated is that most members of the church never see any of it. They believe everything that the church issues, regardless of whether it contradicts all available evidence (even video). The church wouldn’t lie, therefore it doesn’t, therefore even if 99% of the evidence is against the church, it has to be everyone else who is wrong.

    They’re not going to be able to keep this up for long though, I think. Not with the information availability of the internets and the ever growing group of people who challenge and criticise the church at every turn.

  2. I’m not really surprised that any of this happened…that the security guards did this, and that the church is lying about it.

    It brings to mind a documentary I saw on cable a few weeks ago which followed a group of gay and lesbians who took a bus trip around the country a few years ago, visiting Christian-run colleges and universities that have anti-gay policies with a goal of at least starting a dialogue that will make it easier for gay and lesbian students at those schools.

    As portrayed in the portion of the documentary I saw, BYU was the only place where students actually came out and yelled and screamed hateful things at the participants in the tour. At other schools, they were often not greeted with open arms, but discourse generally remained quiet if not exactly civil. Also, if I recall correctly, BYU was the only place where participants in a non-violent demonstration were arrested as soon as they stepped foot on campus.

    I just want to know what the Mormons are so freaking afraid of.

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