Random Crazy Thoughts on Twitter and the Mongol Hordes.

Like many of you, I sometimes wonder what Genghis Khan would’ve thought of Twitter. At first I thought, he’d hate it, because it would be an early warning system. If you were a shepherd and saw the Mongols descending, you’d quickly tweet it before you were run down and disemboweled (the killer would probably use your iPhone to post your head to twitpic), and then all your friends and family could go into panicky FaceBook and Twitter panic/denial mode, rapid-firing updates with #mongolhorde #PWNedByKhan hashtags.

The problem is, the Mongols were not only vicious, they were no luddites (anachronistic, I know, but that’s the point). They’d probably use social media to track troop movements (KievSteve: “So cold waiting in this mountain pass, no vodka, wtf? Where the mongosl?”) or to sow discord by posting false messages (“Chingiss lannding @ Cantebury, Lorde save us!” and “IM IN UR CAATHEDRAL BUTTSECKS UR POPE). Mostly I think they’d use it to engage in rapine and plunder more effectively, and to communicate with fans and friends back near the Great Wall. “Moscow coagulated horse blood low on iron after taste, only 2 stars on Yelp” or “RT @TheRealGenghis Sinew on beta version of Nerchinsk arrows in humidity: FAIL. (plz bring fletchers’ balls)”



  1. John

    Good choices for #followfriday. There might be some @DarthCheney and @kimILLjong love in there too. #musicmondays would include Dan Fogleberg and Abba and Debbie Gibson, and no one would make fun of him.

    christie: Thanks! Welcome aboard! 🙂

    xJane, I haven’t seen it. Going to check it out now!

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