Mini-review: Emily Wells at Muldoon’s in Newport Beach.

Emily and Me

I’ve featured Emily Wells previously in a Music Monday post, but tonight Jana, CatBonny and I got to see her in person in neighboring Newport Beach.

Caption: On the right is the exquisite and singular Emily Wells. In spite of the challenges of the venue, there was no talking during her sets–the crowd’s attention was completely riveted on her. In person, she was charming, approachable, smart and really, really cute.

Update: Here are a few more photos from the complete set:

Emily Wells in Newport Beach.

After months of trying and failing to see her in LA, she came to us! The venue was cramped–she requires a range of instruments and equipment to perform, so I’m amazed that she was able to squeeze everything in to the pub. (It was more convenient for her at times to climb through the window than to work her way around the equipment and through the crowd.)

Emily Wells, posing for me. :)

I got to chat with her for a few minutes before her set–she was easy to approach, and very generous with her time, letting me take a few pictures and talking about the poetry documentary "The Drums Inside Your Chest" that was showing at the NB Film Festival.

Emily Wells at Muldoon's in Newport Beach.

I’m attracted to artists and creatives, whose work, like Emily’s, defy boundary and classification. I like to introduce her as "the hip-hop violinist," and while this captures some of her eclecticism, it does nothing to represent the spectrum of Emily Wells.

Emily's Eclectic Collection of Music-Making Instruments.

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