This is what I was doing instead of paying attention to my last contracts class: collecting entertaining Cthulhu links.

Let us start, shall we?, with the Elder Gods Dance, which plays the Hamster Dance backwards (how else?) and features dancing Cthulhi. Cthulhus? Cthulhim!

*ahem* it’s going to be a long couple of weeks.

Moving on! Next up is Ribbonthulhu, enhancing awareness of Con Funk, a debilitating (to those around them) disease that infects convention centers when they reach a critical mass of geeks. I have to admit that I have not experienced Con Funk but believe that I will have to join the awareness campaign simply because the Ribbonthulhus are so cute. All I need is a boxful of googly eyes & I’m set!

Finally, what you came here for: LOLCthulhu, which is sadly no longer being updated and which was funnier at the beginning. This actually works to its advantage, because you can start at the end and work backward and it just gets funnier!

There are far too many “let me show u them!” but the best is this one: Don’t let me show u them!

Cthulhu + Tea = awesome. Also? I will never look at “blooming” teas the same way again.

Similarly, Cthulhu Bird is making seagulls scarier for the world at large:

But Cathulhu is the cutest soul eater around & I would happily let it feast upon mine.

Plus he’s asking so nicely!

The Elder Gods want to ensure your entertainment, so answer:

If not, the answer is simple. You will be eaten:

To which you may reply…

So…done wasting your time but, that you might waste your own time, I shall provide you with some more links of awesomeness:

  • I made you a…
  • tha stars iz rite…
  • Ïa Ïa!
  • DO WANT!
  • this takes me back…
  • and what meme would be complete without a TPS report reference?

    Peruse for yourself: and hidden lolthulhu


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