Music Monday: Blogs Require Thick Skins

One of the things I love about MoF is that we’re a pretty small community and don’t attract a lot of trolls. This is not to say we never attract trolls, but when we do, it’s a surprise. There are many sites whose comments I simply don’t read because I don’t want to deal with the douchebaggery that goes on. One of my favorite podcasts, This Week in Law (iTunes link) had an interesting discussion of the reasons why it’s easy to flame people when you don’t see them in person. It’s a long podcast, but I think it’s a good discussion of the many factors. And that may be why MoF is different: most of us, even if we don’t know each other in person, know each other on other sites: I know you from your own blog, from twitter, maybe we IM each other, maybe we’re in the same flickr group. And somehow, that manages to make us more congenial toward each other’s opinions. Or maybe we’re just nicer people than the intarwebs at large.

This vid is NSFW and ROTFL funny.


  1. John

    Just kidding.

    I think this video just summed up 98.2% of user-generated content on the web. They score points for clever product placement, too.

    Did I tell you about how I met Denise of TWiL in Newport Beach? Not only is she an opinion leader and subject matter expert, but super approachable and a great mom as well. Totally one of my heroes. (beautiful, too.)

  2. so…I’ve been listening to this song daily since I discovered it & my favorite part is the last verse (“why are you guys so racist” to the chorus). I don’t know why but that exchange just defines the internet for me :-p

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