Mind on Fire Video – Episode Two: Natto Delicious.

Here’s a little Japanese cultural lesson I put together for you, dear viewer. And it’s only $1.50 for a three pack!


  1. Meryl

    Something about your expression at the end makes me think you spat it out the moment the camera was off…

  2. This is so timely because I finally found natto in a little Asian market on Friday. I’ve been looking for it. (And wondering how to pronounce it, so thanks!) Natto is supposed to be a super-beneficial food. It’s full of those beneficial bacteria for gut health and it’s also supposed to be a good source of vitamin K. Nattokinase is an enzyme in natto that is supposed to reduce the incidence of blood clots. So there’s a bunch of useless information!

    You did not really say if YOU like it. ? I’m a bit afraid to try it myself.

    Those filaments of snotty goodness extending from the food to your mouth was definitely the best part of the video, John. I also loved how Jana was squealing at the disgustingness.

  3. yeah, the background squeals were awesome—Onigiri says that it’s one of the few Japanese foods that she refuses to eat. I think I’d need a fair amount of sake before I ate it…

  4. John

    Thanks for the added nutrition info, Chandelle! (not useless at all!!!) It is much touted in Japan for the same.

    Which Asian market?

    xJane, I’m going to try the sake route next time.

  5. oh oh oh! can’t wait for the sake route (I detour there myself on occasion)

    please discuss drinking hot vs cold. thx!

  6. There’s this place by a friend that does sake tastings—it is fantastic! All of them are tasted cold (except maybe two, I think) and it’s really fun. I’ve developed a taste for cold sake, although I do like a good hot sake. The problem is, most places serve cheap sake hot, so it’s not as good as it might otherwise be 🙁

  7. John, I found it at a little shop called Global Supermarket. I just did a food post about another awesome find from there (eensy weensy bok choy). If you come into town again you’ll have to stop by there if you like food like that. Although you probably have a plethora of awesome markets in your own town. And ARE YOU going to be back in town soon? I don’t think I’m actually going to be any closer to you guys after we move to CA. 🙁

  8. I’ve tried (and love) almost every type of Japanese food I can get my hands on (my dad served his mission in Japan in the early 80s and I grew up eating Japanese food), but I’ve never had the courage to try nattō yet.

    I’ve never actually had cold sake, but I’ll have to give it a try. Utah liquor stores are really limited as to what types of alcohol they sell – they don’t even sell real sloe gin 🙁

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