Mind on Fire First of May Celebration Project.

All right, folks, come hither and hearken unto my latest hare-brained scheme:

Have any of you heard the Jonathan Coulton classic, First of May? If you haven’t, here it is (warning: there’s literally some fucking language in there). If you have, I know you’re all like “MST LISSEN NAO”, so here it is. See how we at Mind on Fire take good care of you?

What I’d like to do is assemble a community cover of the song, which I would then post on May 1st for all the world to hear. It’s a fun, accessible, NSFW song that celebrates spring and all the things we enjoy here in MoF-land. I wish I could claim that I thought this up all on my own, but that credit goes to Bill Shunn. He even did it for a better cause.

Anyhow, if you’re interested, here are the prerequisites. You must:

  • Be able to sing (or chant or shout or read the words in a sultry or Woody Allen voice or approximate singing) anywhere from one to four lines, and the full chorus (my idea is to create a composite of everyone singing the chorus together).
  • Be able to record an mp3 of yourself singing the above.
  • Be willing to provide a square photo/avatar and a web home that I can link to.

If you want to join in the virtual chorus, please comment below or send me a message via email (mindonfire, preceded by john@) or twitter (johnremy). The First of May is coming up soon, so you have until the evening of Tuesday, April 21st to let me know, so that I can send instructions and give you time to record and for me to collect and edit the final audio. Feel free to invite your friends and neighbors and tweeps!

Pitch: For all you exmos and/or SF lovers, I’d like to pitch Bill’s Shunncast. He’s releasing the audio of his entertaining and poignant Accidental Terrorist memoir, which helped Jana and I survive, with humor intact, our transition out of the Church. It explains why Bill, who was serving a mission in Canada, is still–sadly–not permitted into the country some two decades later. Also: stalked by stake presidents, and testicles in a jar.


  1. “Be able to record an mp3 of yourself singing the above.”
    that’s the part I’ll have to work out… otherwise… YAY!!!

  2. Alana

    Sure, I’m in. Also, love the song – this was my first time hearing it, need to listen to more JoCo. 🙂

  3. Being somewhat of a Luddite regarding electronic equipment, I don’t think I could record myself. But I nearly fell out of my chair hearing the song, and I’m very much looking forward to hearing the MoF choir.

  4. John

    Y’all rock! I have a couple of volunteers via email as well, so we have at least the bare minimum to make this happen. I’m going to sit tight for a couple of days to see if anyone else signs up, then I’ll send out an email with further instructions. 🙂

  5. John

    Chandelle, thanks for the support. 🙂

    G, I’ll bet your Mac has a program called GarageBand on it. I may be able to help you figure out the recording business.

  6. Sounds awesome! I’m in.

    Re: Recording yourself: most computers are equipped with a microphone. Download the mp3 here, plug in headphones to listen to it, play it on your mp3 player of choice while reading/singing the lyrics here. That should give you the best quality recording. If you’ve an external mic you can hook up, so much the better. On a Mac, of course, GarageBand is pretty foolproof. On a PC, you may need to do a little Googling to find a free app that will do what you want it to. If there’s demand for an answer for PC user-luddites, I’ll do some Googling and post a solution 🙂

  7. Denine

    Wow, I’d never heard of Jonathan Coulton before. This was LOL funny, so I wiki’d him. Looks like I’m in for a treat discovering more of his stuff. Thank you for sharing this, it rocks 🙂

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