OMG, go watch Kings, now.

It’s got it all: atheism, spirituality, god, scifi, and good music!! Hulu’s got the first four eps up right now (and it doesn’t keep them forever), so go catch up. It’s too smart and too well written to stay on the air for long.

It’s the story of Kings David and Saul transposed into a country that looks like present-day America. It’s smart, sometimes funny, and often reminds me of Dune with it’s spiritual overtones (the King has been selected by a nebulous God, only to be usurped by the next King by the same God). Each ep gives me another song that I want to get (including one by Liszt). The characters are sympathetic and real, even the minor ones; the issues that they have are painful and don’t feel contrived.

This is a new generation of scifi—it’s not utopian or dystopian. It’s just other. And awesome.


  1. Just got a computer that can handle, so I went and watched episode 1 of kings. Dude that plays david shepherd is yummy, omg!

    But seriously, I’m intrigued. Looking forward to seeing the rest.

  2. I watched the 5 episodes that are out and I really like the show.

    From the premise I was worried that my suspension of disbelief was in for a lot of stretching but they really do an excellent job of selling an alternate reality. A lot of my buy-in had to do with the obvious high production values of the show. But, sadly, the same high values also seem to be contributing to the demise of the show. Hard to sell a show that reportedly costs $4 million an episode to produce.

    This is another show destined to end up in my “If Only” closet of television angst.

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