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  1. How wonderfully condescending.

    The fact that you love the temple doesn’t in any way mean it ought to be exempt from critique or comment. Just because you think it’s sacred doesn’t mean others ought to also.

    Welcome to diversity.

  2. ExMoHoMoDon

    I watched several episodes of Big Love but didn’t see the episode in question. I enjoyed the series immensely and thought it was an accurate depiction of the 19th century offshoot polygamous sects and those who live in Utah among mainstream Mormons while secretly practicing polygamy. Personally, I wouldn’t say anything about the Temple ceremony because it is sacred to family members I love who are still members of the Mormon Church. I am no longer a member–I believe the Mormon Church to be a political and social organization mirroring the values of the Republican Party and of corporate America and that it has nothing whatsoever to do with any principle taught by Jesus. What is HILARIOUS to me is the Mormons who are upset about a television show which they feel depicts something sacred to them and is thus disrespectful. Where is your respect for the lives, families, and yes the SACRED family relationships of homosexual Americans? You have no problem trashing us and our relationships and spending millions to deny us equal protection under the law and yet you take umbrage at a cable TV show? Get over yourselves. Big Love does not destroy any of the freedoms you enjoy under the Constitution–Prop 8 did exactly that to homosexuals. If you imagine that we will just take that passively from you (while you whine about a TV show) then you are quite mistaken. Welcome to politics–if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

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