1. Sadly, software in general and gaming in particular is dominated by heavy bias against women and homosexuals. I regularly see heavy misogyny and homophobia in IRC conversation.

  2. Quin: I guess I feel that it’s one thing to be misogynistic and homophobic in the office than have an office misogynistic or homophobic policy that affects the public. In the first case, the employees have recourse; in the second case, my only option is to cancel my (husband’s) XBox Live subscription.

  3. John

    I hope Microsoft acts on this. My impression has always been that the company’s overall policy towards gays has been fairly progressive (as with a number of large tech firms). Check out this page, for example.

    I have to agree with Quin re: the misogyny and homophobia of the gaming community. Why is it 20 years behind the times?

  4. I’m not sure they’ll actually do anything. The fact is, tons of those who use xBox live are just really homophobic and misogynistic. Will Microsoft do the right thing and risk alienating millions of users to pay out the nose to use their service?

  5. Maybe we should all start complaining that people with violent tags are “offensive”. I also find it hard to believe that a company centered in Seattle (with a gay population second only to San Francisco) is homophobic as a policy. I think it has more to do with the homophobe-subscribers.

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