1. This all takes me back to the heady days of the Pentium FDIV bug in 1994 when the collective outrage of a couple thousand geeks made Andy Grove, then CEO of Intel, cry. And I got a brand new Pentium 90Mhz CPU.

    All I got from this Facebook thing was a newer TOS. What a rip.

  2. John

    I remain skeptical. I’m totally Google’s bitch, but I wonder how long these huge companies will continue to try to win consumer/customer trust, especially when there are so few alternatives. Corporations ultimately answer to the bottom line and to their investors. It’s just a matter of time that their interests and ours will diverge, methinks.

  3. I didn’t even know about FB’s new ToS until you and Jana started tweeting about it. I have a problem with “click through” contracts: those that bind you simply by virtue of your access of the ‘site. But I also understand the purpose behind them. I think FB’s new ToS are absolutely unfair to the millions who use their service. And I’m loathe to give up my subscription—so I’d be sucked into the new restrictions.

    The clause that worries me the most is “or in connection with the […] promotion”. I can make an argument for all of the other clauses that FB is not really saying that they’re going to use our content (not that it doesn’t still allow them to but that it might not have been their intent).

    I’m glad that they changed it…we’ll see how long it lasts.

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