Music Monday: Valentine

My husband and I don’t have any one “our” song, but anything by Burlap to Cashmere, Train or Vertical Horizon reminds me of him. This is one that especially reminds me of when we first met & fell in love. What are your favorite love songs (not necessarily songs about love but songs that remind you of the ones you love)?

My favorite part: “You have one wing, and/I have another”—like, together we can fly, although separately we just kinda look funny.


  1. “Perfect Moment” by Darden Smith, an artist I found by doing one of those CD-of-the-month donations for my then-local community radio station, KRCL in Salt Lake City.

    “Lucky that we did not meet/Ten years back on the street” encapsulates how my love and I feel about our many almost-meetings during the fifteen years we moved in the same social circles, but on very different paths. We met in the brief window when we could meet, while it was still possible. We know we are lucky.

  2. “Case of You” by Joni Mitchell :

    It reminds me of my grandparents who live in rural Saskatchewan (near where Joni’s from), and my grandmother is a professional painter, so I love the line ‘”I am a lonely painter; I live in a box of paints” because when my grandmother is painting, nothing else matters – she lives painting.

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