Music Monday: Land of Confusion

Let there be no mistake: I ♥ Phil Collins. I sat through the whole of Tarzan for him. And Genesis’ Land of Confusion is a classic among classics. Disturbed’s version, however, manages to meet the challenge of Collins’ historic talent while at the same time making it their own. While the Gensis version is suitable for a call to arms to make the world a better place, the Disturbed version brings out the darker elements, making it a reminder of what a horrible place the world is.

My generation will put it right!
We’re not just making promises
That we know we’ll never keep.

is even more sobering when you realize that Genesis is probably just about a generation before Disturbed and their version exactly 20 years younger than the original.

I could go on about all the wonderful lyrics in this one, so I shall merely instruct you to close your eyes & listen to the poetry of Mike Rutherford through the grating, pained voice of David Draiman.


  1. I love the edge and the grit to it! I really like certain genres of hard rock, especially when there seems to be a point to the anger inherent in that kind of music. I guess the dominant lyrics in Genesis’ version, for me, are “these are the hands we’re given…a place worth fighting for”; where as in Disturbed’s, they’re “this is the world we live in”. One is a call to arms and the other a wake up call.

  2. Andrew Hathorn

    Even though the video has been taken down I went to you tube and found it. I watched the official music video for Disturbed’s cover of Land of Confusion. The song talks about the worlds problems. This worlds full of turmoil and with not enough love to go around I came to the conclusion was Disturbed asking is it even worth fighting for? Disturbed’s version sounds like a statement and Genesis’ version sounds like they were just trying to raise awareness you got your soft pop side and our dark metal side. Both versions tell just a little different of a story which side is right? Are we all going to perish in a world war or is there love to come that will bring peace to this earth, we need an uprising more now than ever.

    • Didn’t get around to approving this until today—just after the attacks in Paris. Rewatched, heard “use them, and let’s start trying/to make this a place worth living in”, and thought “no, he’s wrong. It’s not filled with despair.” But then I heard this changed line:

      I remember long ago
      When the sun was shining
      And all the stars were bright all through the night
      In the wake of this madness, as I held you tight
      So long ago

      (the original said “And the sound of your laughter/As I held you tight”). Maybe it is despair. Maybe it is time to despair.

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