Sparks: Recent Feminism of Interest

Jane Doe is standing up to the social stigma attached to having been raped and the attendant indignities she discovered were involved in attempting to report it. In Japan. Although it is both a different culture and legal system, I don’t think there’s any culture that deals with rape without social stigma or the indignities involved in reporting it. Her refusal to be silent and her desire to bring national and international attention to the situation in Japan may help us all look with criticism at our own cultures.

On being a quiet feminist. (Something I’ve never understood, but I have heard the arguments that Kevin espouses and been incensed by them myself.)

Bad advertising. Or, sex sells.


  1. John

    Great links, xJane. Japan continues to be at least a generation behind the U.S. in women’s rights (this is even with a constitution–which we wrote for them–that specifically guarantees rights for women).

  2. I was trying to ensure that this didn’t come from a place of “oh, we’re so much better than them”, since I know we’re not—it’s just easier to look at someone else’s culture and judge than to look at one’s own.

  3. Brilliant post! And I loved that article at the Huffington Post. Fighting the psychological attacks from advertising is so important, because we just get bombarded.

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