1. Unfortunately software is still largely a man’s world, and one occupied by a lot of men who don’t really see a need for feminism. This is doubly damaging as the few women who do work in software often don’t see the need for feminism themselves. On my company’s private bulletin board I once suggested setting up a mailing list for non-work related discussion related to women in software (open to men and women) and it was instantly shot down and buried with a bunch of comments from men who said they thought the list was unneccessary and irrelevant. The women were divided 50/50.

    It’s a common problem of college educated upper middle class professionals to think that sexism, racism, and other discriminatory isms no longer need attention. Obviously we shouldn’t keep acting like it’s still 1955, but there’s plenty of work left to be done. Overt bigotry is verboten, but soft bigotry is still deeply etched into many people’s minds, and the Internet provides all-too-instant gratification for less than worthy ideas.

  2. morethan70457

    I think its funny how many of the commenters felt the need to point out that a website can’t be sexist its the people who post. …Wait you are telling me that those lines of code aren’t misogynistic it’s the people who have written them, I’m not sure i understand….. but i’ll trust you on that one Genius.

  3. Can anybody decipher what that means? I just read that comment about six times and I can’t figure out what they were trying to say. Though the “Genius” bit made me think of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long blog: “Oo! Sarcasm! That’s original!”

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