I’m sorry I’ve not been posting recently, law school has finally caught up with me and consumed my life. I had to cancel the event that makes the holidays bearable for me (a goose-filled gamer fest) because I simply hadn’t the time to prepare and plan it. One of the prospective attendants told me that, while she wasn’t glad to miss it, she was glad that I couldn’t handle it because it made me seem more human. I’ll send her a card when I fail my first semester: “from xJane, now officially a Human.”

I have, however, been reading blogs mostly regularly (I didn’t yesterday, what has happened to me?!) and have compiled a bunch of links that I wanted to share wanted to dedicate a whole post to each one. I haven’t the time to do so, so this is effectively a link-dump. I’m sorry, but Safari thanks you (“There are 7 windows open in Safari, with a total of 32 tabs.”).

New Masculinity” as represented by Obama. No more the George Bush “stubborn, controlling, shoot-from-the-hip, inflexible[,] John Wayne” man, but one who listens to his subordinates and dissenters (imagine that!).

Death, to atheists, religionists, and humans. How we think about the afterlife, even when we don’t believe in it. The God Poll substantiates this: more people believe in a soul than in God, although fewer believe in life after death.

The amazing breakthrough of looking toward the perpetrators, rather than the victims, of crimes to prevent them reminds us to call out sexual assault and not stand silently by while our brothers perpetrate it. No, not all men are guilty of (or going to be guilty of) sexual assault, but most sexual assailants are men; and if more of them heard from their peers respect for women and disgust for the disgusting, I’m sure fewer of them would become sexual assailants.

Speaking of sexual assault, there’s a great article about “Bond girls”, the women who populate James Bond books and movies. As a great fan of Bond myself, I enjoyed this feminist deconstruction of the Bond girls, from Pussy Galore to Dr. Christmas Jones. If you aren’t a fan of the franchise, skip it.

More writings from the hijab files. My feelings about it are still on the fence, for the most part. I think everyone has the right to wear what they want without fear of presumptions (the same argument I use for utilikilts, which I find unbearably sexy) but that there are certain circumstances where they might not be appropriate (like photo IDs). This is a story about one woman’s experience in a police department; an experience I find deplorable but which I think could have been solved by a female police officer’s presence. I welcome comments/discussion (about all these, obviously, but this is one I’m still trying to form a coherent opinion about).

Mexican midwives are gaining acceptance. I think midwifery is great and, if I were to have kids, would want a home birth with a midwife or a doula present (maybe my sisters and mother); rather than a hospital stay. In third-world countries, midwives fill an even more important role, being a substitute for lacking healthcare. Meanwhile, in the US, midwives can be sued by the state for natal complications even when the parents don’t want to bring charges. Who’s the country with indecent healthcare standards now?

Right up there with the Mississippi Squirrel Revival (sadly no longer available on YouTube) is Smak Dem Christians Down.

Depressing news from the White House as Bush tries to make sure that we all remember his tenure as the worst 12 8 years in the history of the country.

Hopeful news from the Office of the President Elect, although so far appointments have been far from radical (I’ve yet to see one woman, let alone a GLBT person).

The country is trending toward blue, which is nice if you’re blue and a sign of the coming apocalypse if you’re red (doesn’t He ride a blue horse…?). via.

That is all, I shall now retreat back into my library-shaped cave.


  1. Hey, that’s great that you support midwifery. I gave birth to my daughter at home. I was a student midwife for three years. I still hope to work in the home birth setting in the future. Very important work with the state of OB care as it is now. Though I affirm every woman’s right to choose, I would never consider giving birth in a hospital unless I had no other choice. My daughter’s birth was a tremendously healing, empowering experience for my entire family.

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