Canada Invites Liberal Americans to Immigrate.

Canada: Liberal! Secular! Not as cold as you think!


  1. Actually, Canada has one of the most open and liberal immigration policies, especially if one has a useful skillset and/or degree.

    I say let’s all immigrate (or for me simply go home) to Canada and let the craziness of America implode on itself.

    But seriously, it is really not that hard to immigrate to Canada.

  2. LOL. Were I still accustomed to Utah winter, I think I could do it. Now that I’ve spent three winters in Orange County, the thought of below zero temperatures is just about as bad as the thought of being goverened by McCain/Palin. I almost died last year when I spent a few days in the Salt Lake snow…

  3. That seriously just made my day. My mom has been threatening to move to Canada ever since The Antichrist jr. came into power.

    “He he, I love pot!”

  4. Mmm, pot.

    Elise, if warmish winters are what you desire, then Vancouver is the place for you.

    The rest of Canada, not so much. If you thought SLC was bad, you would probably literally die anywhere else in Canada in the winter. -45C is pretty darn cold.

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