Zombie Jesus

My cousin does a lot of babysitting. She recently babysat a kid who was trying to tell her about a friend’s imaginary friend, Genius, who was a reverse zombie: he died but then, instead of wanting to eat your brains, he wants us to eat his. It took my (Catholic) cousin a long time to realize that this (obviously non-Christian) child was trying to explain that her friend’s imaginary friend was Jesus and that she was describing the Mass. At which point she laughed heartily.

This comes to mind because I just found these:

  • the Venn diagram of Jesus vs. Zombies
  • a short description of Christianity with awesome visual aids
  • Kinda ironic that all religion really wants is to eat your brains. I also find it interesting that the only Christian I know I used to work with at the Apple Store was obsessed with zombies. Maybe the reason everyone thinks the End Times are at hand (besides the fact that, you know, they’re always at hand) is because zombies are in the zeitgeist. Anyone who hasn’t seen Shawn of the Dead run, don’t walk to Netflix and watch it. It will save your soul.


    1. Awesome. Although I was a little creeped out by the zombie jesus picture. It’s too reminiscent of a local statue that I have to pass on the way to Cincinnati, which I affectionately call “Drowning Jesus,” since it’s appears to be half-submerged in the lake, or otherwise known as “Touchdown Jesus.” Scroll down to access the screen-saver.

      I do love Shawn of the Dead. I can’t tell you how relieved I am to be fully equipped (thanks to the vivid instructional content) to survive a zombie attack.

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