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One of my sisters (#4) has been known to wax poetic about the fact that, in this current day and age, people are obsessed with themselves. Hence, “i-” products (iPod, iLife, iBrator, iWannaCookie, &c.). When I heard about Apple’s migration of .Mac to MobileMe, I couldn’t conceive of telling her ( just sounds so pretentious). As an Apple koolaiddrinker from long ago, I have a .Mac account. Luckily, I can keep the @Mac.

But I just realized that I have been wrong! MobileMe isn’t just another form of “iMobile”, the “Me” in MobileMe isn’t referring to the self, it’s referring to the social building blocks. That’s why it’s always in italics.

The hundred me are lost to time, as only about 60 of them are known to remain, including Kingship, Priestly Office, Wisdom, and Truth. This is where we get the concept of the “meme”. Clearly some of the remaining are Scheduling, Communication, Photography, and Addresses.

At least, that makes me feel better about telling people about MobileMe.

Anyone out there know how it is pronounced? I’ve always said “meh”, to distinguish it from the English pronoun, and because it seems to me that, translated from cuneiform, it probably would’ve been “mi” if it had been said that way.

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