1. This is me, rolling my eyes at those people who felt threatened (threatened? give me a break) because they found copies of the Koran on their doorsteps.

  2. If you follow some of the links to the Fox News site (news?), there are some awesome vids of the couple who was quoted as saying they’d be decapitated for the same thing. What was especially comedic to me was that people found it offensive that it was left on their door knob, because then they had to touch it in order to open their door.

    Reminds me of a Simpsons episode where Homer goes diving & has an encounter with seaweed: “Eww!! I touched it!!”

    Personally, I think I have more sympathy toward proselytizing Muslims/Jews/Buddhists/Quakers than toward proselytizing Christians of any stripe (that includes Mormons, sorry…although they’re awful cute and awaken the urge to corrupt them). I certainly would find it no more threatening/offensive/annoying than finding a Bible/Book of Mormon/Watchtower. But I do generally find proselytizing offensive because it is necessarily exemplary of an attitude of “I know better than you.“ And my soul, thank you very much, is a very private thing to me. It’d kinda be like someone arriving at my door to tell me I’m using the wrong kind of toilet paper/underwear. How is that your business??

  3. Brian

    xJane, you heathen Charmin user! Have ye not read that Quilted Northern is the way, the truth, and the wipe? Lest ye be cleaned by it, ye cannot enter the Heavenly commode!

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