Spark: Reflections on your beliefs

I checked out this survey on a prompt from Pharyngula. I recommend that you do the same. We may indeed be giving the creator of the survey food for thought, but what I found was that it was a good, concrete way to think about my own beliefs, hang-ups, and tendencies. I think it’s a great tool for self-discovery.

Although it takes for ever, so wait until you’ve some time on your hands.


  1. I took that survey too, though (given my time constraints) I shouldn’t have. 😉

    I wish there’d been a free comments page because I had some comments:

    1. (this is the nit-picky one) It is riddled with typos! It took me longer to fill it out than it would have taken them to run it once through a spell-checker.

    2. I didn’t like that page of binary questions that amounted to “Is it 100% nature or 100% nurture? Is every outcome due to chance or due to your work/effort?” On practically every question I found both choices equally simplistic and stupid. Life is more complex than that, and most outcomes are the result of both chance and effort in a big way. Unfortunately, there was no box for “I find both answers to be equally simplistic cop-outs.” I tried to answer a few, but then just gave up and skipped the rest of that stupid page.

    3. There was one about whether you prefer to be direct or to use nuance. To me, directly saying what you mean requires expressing yourself clearly. That includes the right words with the right connotations and nuance.

  2. doh! I meant to mention the heinous spelling & grammar. It was quite distracting. I felt like offering myself to proof read.

    Some of the dichotomous questions I forgave because most of them were scales. I know that s/times, a survey requires a yes or no answer, even when the real answer requires 18 shades of grey and 12 of blue.

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