(Not) Music Monday: Pork and Beans, by Weezer.

I’ve been debating about sharing this link for the past week.  It has nothing to do with religion or feminism or science fiction (though I’m sure if we worked hard enough we could make some kind of connection), but it is simultaneously the (hermaphroditic) Queen and King of the Internet Mashup,

If you haven’t seen this video, you were probably living on a internetless fundamentalist polygamist compound (religion and feminism connection) or were abducted by aliens with an aversion to streaming Flash video (SF link) two weeks ago and only just now woke up in the middle of a crop circle with no underwear.  Or maybe you get all your entertainment off of that pre-internet device known as Teevee, where they don’t have YouTubes.  Sure, they may play the occasional Weezer video, but you can’t share (well, maybe you can call the kids in).

If you haven’t seen this video, in it you’ll find references 80% of the most popular video phenomena from the long history of YouTube, including the Dramatic Prairie Dog, Afro Ninja, History of Dance, Diet Coke and Mentos and Miss Teen South Carolina with a map (of The Iraq, perhaps?) in a blender.

To sum up, it’s a complete reappropriation of existing work by industry professionals and 100% calculated to generate buzz.  And I, predictably, am sharing it with you.


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  1. That is pure memey goodness. I have not seen it until now and only recognize about 50% of the references (although all your pork & beans do indeed belong to us). I clearly need to spend more time on the toobs…

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