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Mildred Loving, half of the Loving couple who battled antimiscegination laws through the Supreme Court died (yes I’m late to this). And already the wolves are claiming her as an historical figure for their side in the homosexual marriage battle. Unfortunately, she already chose a side. Read her words here. Religion Dispatches has a great discussion of Focus on the Family’s attempt to claim her for their side here.

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  1. Late? Maybe. But quite appropriate in light of today’s ruling by the California Supreme Court striking down the law that prohibits same-sex marriages in California, and in a fairly definitive way according to the reports I’ve heard.

    In a sort of echo of “separate-but-equal” issues, the decision among other things says that “civil unions” just aren’t enough to provide equal protection under the law for gays.

  2. xJane abroad

    wow, I hadn’t heard that. awesome!

    …I mean, of course, that’s exactly what I meant when I posted it today :-p

  3. Tammy (cross posted) thanx for the link. It’s a must-read. I think it’s telling that the judges emphasized the fact that they didn’t necessarily agree with their own ruling (although it does make me wonder which side they sympathize with), only that the law supports the ruling. All this bandying-about of the term “activist judges” (which I’m sure we’ll be hearing soon enough to relate to these judges) has had a chilling effect on the judicial profession.

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