Happy New Year!

A little early, since I’m planning on napping before a party & then being comatose most of tomorrow (although I’m still going to work. I do not see these as conflicting goals). I will be celebrating this evening in the Romanian fashion, which was explained to me by my Romanian coworker as “getting shit-faced”. I’m fairly certain that this is not a tradition unique to Romania, as I equal parts Irish & German and will be celebrating tonight with Jews. I think alcohol the night before the new year is a pretty universal thing (though perhaps not in Muslim or Mormon circles).

But in the interest of multiculturalism, I invite you to listen to this article on NPR about different New Year’s traditions. Since food is love, most of these take the form of things to eat (among them lentils, which might be on the menu tomorrow), many of them coin-shaped, to symbolize prosperity.

Here’s wishing you your fill of lentils, coin-shaped objects, and prosperity in the New Year!


  1. Alas (or perhaps fortunately), I seem to lack the ability to get shit-faced. I don’t like hard liquor, even in mixed drinks. I can’t drink wine (allergic to grapes and several other fruits used to make it). And I usually manage to get sleepy about half-way through a bottle of beer. And sleepy is not shit-faced.

    I celebrated the New Year by going to bed about 10:30 and reading until I couldn’t hold my eyes open any longer. I don’t think I was awake at midnight. Oh, well. The new year got here without my help. 🙂

  2. John

    Elaine, I’m also one of those who mellows when marinated. And there are many times I’ve wished that I could begin the new year with a good night’s sleep and an early start to the first day!

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