“the little Vaio”

I’ve not yet named it, because I haven’t found a suitable name. But I would like to enlist the help of the MoF crew at large. I name most of the devices that have a special place in my life, except, for some reason, my cell phone.

  • My first, favorite, computer was an iMac (first generation) and it was going to be Robbie (as in, “I, Mac”) but when I got it, it was definitely a she. So she became Jane, after my favorite character from the Ender’s Game series.
  • My current computer is a (white) laptop and so is YT, after the character of the same name in Snowcrash, described by one reviewer as “a post-sexist whose mind has never been warped by any suspicion of inequality”.
  • My iPod is Smurfette because she’s blue. Actually, she’s Schlumfine because she’s also German.
  • My car, which is a Volkswagen, and whose license plates proclaim me to be Bavarian, is Eva Braun. Because Hitler once said that the rest of the country may hate him, but he’ll always have Bavaria. And because VW was partly his fault.
  • The little vaio is little. And silverish-purple. And of indeterminate gender. It’s a Sony, so could be considered Japanese. It’s very portable and will not become a desktop (as YT has). My hope is to use it primarily for note-taking in classes.

    So! Any ideas? 🙂


    1. C.Biden

      How about Periwinkle? It’s sort of purplish blue and it sounds like it could be associated with something small.

    2. hehe, periwinkle reminds me of the Big Periwinkle Bus in Santa Monica (they’re not blue, no matter what they tell you) and is definitely “cute” sounding. But I’ll be honest: I think Murasaki is in the lead here.

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