“Misquoting Jesus” Book Group: Chapter Four – The Quest for Origins.

Bored in Vernal has just posted her official summary and review of chapter four of Bart Ehrman’s Misquoting Jesus. I know that this means that we’re mixing the order for the chapter reviews, but I think that this is preferable to loss of momentum. Thanks, BiV, for an excellent review, and I hop you will all go over there and respond to her discussion points.

John White also commented extensively on the introduction. The sidebar to the left has been updated to reflect his and BiV’s contributions.

Remaining chapters:

  • Chap 1: Watt.
  • Chap 2: Miko.
  • Chap 3: Johnny.
  • Chap 5: Elise.
  • Chap 6: John Remy.
  • Chap 7: john.white.
  • Epilogue: Jeff.

Reminder: Please email me (fierymind at gmail, etc.) when you complete your post.


  1. Ryan Heard

    Is this how we are officially “disussing” the book? Don’t I get to hang out with you cool people in person at some point?! Apologies for the confusion.

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