Misquoting Jesus Book Group.

I’d like to propose a different approach to the discussion of Bart Ehrman’s Misquoting Jesus (this came up in a conversation with Elise and John White last night–thanks y’all!). There are seven chapters (nine if you include the intro and conclusion). I suggest that we divvy these up between anyone willing to blog about them. I can create a list of chapters in the left-hand sidebar with a link to each of the posts/discussions. If you don’t have a blog but are interested in blogging about a chapter, I’d be happy to host a guest post here. We still plan to have our physical (and video-conferencing) meeting to discuss the entire book.

If you would like to participate by blogging about Ehrman, please claim a chapter via the comments.


  1. I’ll take a random number and choose chapter five.

    I do have a blog, but I’ll probably see if I can be allowed to post it here anyway…..then I can cross “Be a guest-blogger on mindonfire” off of my life’s dreams list. 🙂

  2. I like the number 2 (just finished the intro & was about to blog it, but I shall refrain 😉 ). It’s a good, round, balanced number.

  3. Can I have chapter seven? That’s my incentive to read faster. If anyone loves chapter seven, I’ll give it up (just picked it without looking at the chapter listing).

    Are you going to link only to the assigned/claimed/volunteered chapters? Because I was planning on blogging every chapter I had a strong reaction to. Perhaps under each chapter, a link to every post on that chapter?

  4. John

    Elise, you can post here any time you want! (though I hope your other aspirations are much higher) 😛 By the way, chapter five is actually one of the more interesting ones. You chose…well.

    John White, what if there’s a primary link for the lead person on each chapter, and then secondary links for anyone who chooses to blog on the same chapters?

    I’ll take chapter six, myself. That leaves 1, 3, and 4.

  5. Only a few ambitions could be higher than MindOnFire, but you’re right, it’s not at the very top. Maybe number four or five.


  6. I would like to do one, if I ever get my book. I had it on interlibrary loan but it has never come…so now I’ve ordered it.
    How about 4. Maybe my book will come by then.

  7. John

    BiV, if your book doesn’t come soon, I will scan in Chapter 4 and send it to you as a PDF. And your meaning was clear. 🙂

    Johnny, 3 is all yours!

    All that’s left now is chapter one (perhaps the epilogue, if someone wants that). Thank you all, for stepping up to the plate! You are awesome.

  8. If we need extree authors, I’m happy to fill in…just starting to read and liking his style ooooooooodles more than Harris’!

  9. I am not too far into it, but am really enjoying the book. I talked one one of my theology professors from college about it today. He had some interesting comments about it,to say the least. I asked him for some supplemental reading to fill in some of the gaps that he was mentioning, so that should be interesting.

    I am looking forward to commenting on the blogs. =)

  10. John

    Eeexcellent… [insert Mr. Burns imitation here]

    Bonny, please fill those gaps! 🙂

    Looks like we’ve got most of it divvied up:

    Intro: pilgrimgirl.
    Chap 1: Watt.
    Chap 2: Miko.
    Chap 3: Johnny.
    Chap 4: Bored in Vernal.
    Chap 5: Elise.
    Chap 6: John Remy.
    Chap 7: john.white.

    That just leaves the conclusion. I suggest that we avoid doubling up and wait to see if someone else takes it.

    Have at it! Could you email me as you complete your posts so that I can link them? My plan is to add the links to the left sidebar as they’re completed (I’ll also announce them here in a separate post) and then to consolidate all the links all in a final post for the public record.

    john.white expressed a desire to blog every chapter, so the list above represents the ‘lead blogger’ for each chapter. Links to additional commentary for the same chapter will go under the link to the main post.

    I’m sounding too much like a lawyer now.:) I’ll stop while I’m ahead.

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