OC Pilgrimage, Station 03: TBN HQ.

A couple of weeks ago, our whole family decided to check out the Trinity Broadcasting Network headquarters. TBN is hard to miss–it stares across the 405 freeway at South Coast Plaza, and at Christmastime is lit up brighter than Vegas. I’m including our visit in my pilgrimage because it is an important Orange County religious landmark and plays an important role in the spiritual lives of many, many viewers. I decided to tell most of the tale with (poorly taken) pictures, because, to be honest, I didn’t find the place either very spiritual or very appealing. I realize that my tastes are different from others’, so hopefully the images can be a little more neutral than my tongue/keyboard.

Christmas is a big theme in the lobby:

Everything is gilded:

Closeup of the ceiling:

The entrance to the “Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh Bookstore”:

This one really scared Jana. She actually gasped and jumped a bit:

There is a Disneyfied reproduction of the Via Delorosa. Here’s Christ and Pilate:

I decided not to post pictures of the only three pamphlets I found in the lobby, but here are the titles:

  • Estate Planning: Wills and Living Trusts
  • 10 Things People “Know” About Wills That Aren’t Really So
  • The Trinity Broadcasting Network Lifetime Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Each had the kingly TBN seal across the front.

    7 thoughts on “OC Pilgrimage, Station 03: TBN HQ.

    1. Yikes! Cogsworth once said, “If it’s not baroque, don’t fix it.” When it comes to interior design, I firmly second the motion.

    2. TBN was a challenging experience for me. I was uncomfortable and bored. The decoration scheme seemed like a cross between a bordello, the Munsters house, and the Madonna Inn. Not anything that inspired me in a religious way.

      But I often found myself wondering if the discomfort I felt was anything like what non-Mos feel when they visit Temple Square. Granted, there’s a lot less red velvet in SLC, but the film, the statuary, the Xmas lights–a lot of it is just a more ‘tasteful’ or toned-down version of what we saw at TBN.

    3. Your pictures do capture the decadence and depravity of TBN which is sort of like Pope Pius X opulent and decadent lifestyle who once said “Let me enjoy the papacy since God gave it to me.” TBN is a total fraud as well as christianity since it was spawned from the Roman Catholic Church that Produced the New Roman Testament. TBN founder and family and friends through fraud live like Pope Pius X. Yes christianity was created as a new Roman god called Jesus Christ and was created by Emperor Constantine at the First Council of Nicaea to unite all the Presbyters or the bablers(Fairy Tell Story tellers) or preachers of BS to the rabble. The presbyter had it in their head that the people of their day wanted to be entertained and with contempt for the stupid and ignorant people they made a livelyhood out of story telling to the people. Since the presbyters are sort of like what the modern day Preachers are doing today in the so called gathering of people or churches.

      There are over 100 similar savior gods predating Christianity by many Hundreds of years. The Roman god Jesus Christ is a rehash of all the other savior gods that existed in other cultures before christianity. Constantine wanted to solidfy his empire by a state religion. Also the Roman empire rarely persecuted their citizens because of their beliefs. During The Roman times There were only 3 jewish Sects at the time the Essenes, Pharisees, and Sadducees but not christianity. Although Constantine eventually transfered power to the Biscops and latter Bishops(More educated Preybters). Close to 99 percent of the Popes that came to power were corupt and downright crminials and even the modern day popes as well. The common people got sick of the moral depravity of Pope Pius X and started a revolution and became the protesters or Protestants of the Papacy or Theocratic goverment at the time that exercised fraudlent power over the people and kings trough the inexcusable terrible Inquistion of the very Bloody and murderess Dark Ages. Although unforunatly the Protesters or Protestants we see today have passed on the error of the New Roman Testament and bs since they are promoting the vary doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church which was created and modified over time to entertain the Vulgar Mass or Rabble who were plainly just stupid and easily fooled and did not have the sense to question or think for themselfs. The Oldest bible in existance is the Sinai Bible and in that Bible their is no Resurection and No Virgin Birth. These were latter added in over time. And this bible is dated around 350 AD. The Creation of the Roman god Jesus Christ was at the 1st council of Nicaea of 325 AD. Connect the Dots and you will see when presented with the facts that christianity is in deep trouble once the truth is finally revealed to the people of the world. There are alot more secrets about christianity that I know but I would probably have to write a book.

      And what TBN is doing is selling indulgence like Pope Pius X was doing to fuel his all consuming apetite for all the sensual stuff and promising the people salvation and other things of a fruadulent nature. And for Paul Crouch to pay 420 million dollars to shut up his Homosexual Lover from publishing his Book on his alleged homosexual relationship with Paul Crouch as a former employee of TBN and if he ever publish his book TBN Money making Empire days would over and be destroyed. Paul Crouch can fool the other stupid and gullible people but not me. So people where do you think that money came from?

      The Point is people don’t trust any religion since they are all manmade, learn to think for yourself and from your heart use discearnment and be honest with yourself and Seek the Truth and you will find it enventually if your are persistent like I am.


    4. sorry had to make a correction of my last statement: I said the Paul Crouch Hush money Payoff was 420 million which I was wrong it was actually 425,000 dollars.

      And for Paul Crouch to pay 425 Thousand dollars to shut up his Homosexual Lover from publishing his Book on his alleged homosexual relationship with Paul Crouch as a former employee of TBN and if he ever publish his book TBN Money making Empire days would be over and TBN would be destroyed.

    5. Hmmm! These crazy loney people will still support these devils.Let’s ONLY hope that Billy Graham remains a real man of God. It’s so sad to read about the Jimmy Swaggarts, Larry Lea’s Marvin Gorman, Paul Crouches etc…Please Lord reveal everything like you promise.

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