i had a nightmare last night–my son got lost on a camping trip. i ran around, shouting and screaming his name at the top of my lungs. we finally found him in the creek. as we lifted him out, he had a worn-out, sad grin on his face, but he was all right. i woke up right after that, and ran into his room to make sure he was still breathing. his sleeping bag was bunched at his feet (grandma was in his bed), but his teddy bear was all tucked in next to him. when children are sleeping, they seem to hover on the edge of some other, heavenly place–their faces seem to almost glow, and peace radiates from their little bodies in almost tangible waves. as i sat cross-legged on the carpet by his head in the dim light of the nightlight, listening to his soft breathing, all was well in my world again.

oborosama has added his comments to the lengthy entry on success. he prefers to throw out the word success and all its connotations and replace it with ‘personal contentment/satisfaction.’ so far we have a consensus that success/personal contentment comes in great part from helping others. any challengers?

i am hoping that all my friends at rare medium still have their jobs today::

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