i’ve gone for over 48 hours without posting. i spent at least seven of those hours prepping for a well-received sunday school lesson (gospel doctrine) on the history of the mormons in kirtland, ohio and the opening of the lds mission to england in 1837 by heber c kimball. the underlying message i tried to get across is that we all have missions, callings and responsilbilities and that we can have success beyond our wildest dreams if we commit ourselves to pursuing them. i also got to pitch my favorite theme: that every human being has tremendous potential for good and that we help or detract the people around us from that potential by our words and actions.

i am the strangest self-proclaimed atheist i know. i taught sunday school, i prayed for and followed inspiration in prepping my lesson, and fasted for a guy who is recovering from surgery because i’m worried about him. i believe in inspiration, and acknowledge that fasting and prayer may have some efficacy–i’m just not sure what the source of the power may be. hey, i use electricity all the time, but i don’t know if its source is hydro, nuclear, wind, or fossil fuels.

aaron made a good point in response to my ‘success’ post–that the ‘driven’ people i excluded from the happiness-through-helping-others still have the same motivations as less driven people. they still crave attention, money, knowledge, or a better world; they just seek after these things with greater intensity. thanks, aaron for the input, and for tightening up my argument. lets here it for the free marketplace of ideas!
i added a quotes section. go there for quality, if not quantity::

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