i love finding words that set me on fire and fill me with light. my scripture is found everywhere: in a whitman poem, in the bhagavad gita, in a friend’s encouraging words, in beastie boys lyrics, and yes, even in the christian bible. yesterday ken posted the following, which is definitely worth sharing with everyone:

“buddhism defines your actions as the bodhisattva vow:
the passions of delusion are inexhaustible.
i vow to extinguish them all at once.
the number of beings is endless.
i vow to help save them all.
the truth cannot be told.
i vow to tell it.
the way which cannot be followed is unattainable.
i vow to attain it.”

adam yauch of the beastie boys makes a similar promise in his ‘bodhisattva vow’:
i try to make my every action for that highest good
with the altruistic wish to achieve buddhahood
so i pledge here before everyone who’s listening
to try to make my every action for the good of all beings

i renew my vow today to do all that i can to help all my fellow beings to reach their ultimate potential. thanks ken::

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